Harry Potter and the Libertarian Subtext

The Natalie Solent philosophical analysis hit-squad has come up with the following observations indicating a not-so-secret libertarian agenda in the recently released film.

1. Hagrid does not wear a motorbike helmet for his flying bike.

2. Dumbledore arranges an informal adoption for Harry rather than putting him in care. Admittedly, it is not the happiest placement - but we libertarians all know that perfection is not an option.

3. Hogwarts is a fee paying school, and does not follow the National Curriculum.

4. There is no indication that Harry pays inheritance tax on his holdings in Gringotts.

5. The goblins in Gringotts do not monitor large cash withdrawals, or in any way conform to regulations to prevent money laundering.

6. Talking of goblins, "Gringotts Bank - Not An Equal Opportunity Employer". But since everybody seems happy, that's OK. We do not need state-enforced quotas.

7. Hogwarts pupils are entitled to free association. It is their own business if they sort themselves into groups of like-minded individuals. Although superficially it seems that the decision of the Sorting Hat is coercive, it is clear that the sortee does not have to go into Slytherin if he or she doesn't want to.

8. Nobody is troubled by Political Correctness when pointing out the high proportion of sociopaths in Slytherin house.

9. But, that said, isn't it inspiring that certain elements within Slytherin are doing their part to fight the common enemy?

10. The Health and Safety Executive have obviously never crossed the Hogwarts threshold. Among the violations of safety legislation are improperly secured moving staircases, flying broomsticks under the control of minors and dangerous wands in the hands of minors.

11. The sport of Quidditch is a wonderful example of the voluntary assumption of risk.

12. And, since Hogwarts is not bankrupted by ambulance-chasers or insurance claims either, it looks as though contract dominates tort in the magical world.

13. The troll is seen off by the unorganised militia, as are other baddies. You do not see Harry banged up for murder or violation of the troll's civil rights.

LATE ADDITION: How could I have left out this one? Fluffy does not even have one muzzle between his three heads. A shocking violation of the Dangerous Dogs Act.
More worryingly, the portrayal of Dursley's fumblings with a shotgun gives a very negative impression of the armed citizen. And we'll have to see from future films and books whether the house-elves gain their own liberation by non-coercive means or are re-ghettoized by taking the false route of Ministry of Magic pupillage and parasitism